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A tortilla with some filling on a plate next to a pan full of filling

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5 mighty dishes to make your food go further

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Did you know that the average household of two are wasting £49 of food a month?

Our celebrity chefs - Matt ‘Dirty Vegan’ Pritchard and Chris ‘Flamebaster’ Robert – cook up a storm at Cardiff Market using up ingredients that are commonly left behind.

Waste less and save money - explore our ‘mighty dishes’! These flexible, nutritious and tasty dishes can be whipped up quickly and easily, perfect for busy households that need to ‘wing it’ from time to time.

Our five ‘mighty dishes’ will help you save money and reduce waste by using up ingredients commonly left behind. They’re flexible, nutritious and can be whipped up quickly and easily. Perfect for busy households that need to ‘wing it’ from time to time.

Jazzed-up pan omelette

Vegetable omelette in a pan with a portion taken out and served on a white plate

Transform a basic omelette into an effortless gourmet delight.

  • Take a non-stick frying pan and start by cooking off any vegetables, until soft

  • Grated onion, pepper and courgette make a delicious and colourful combo, a few boiled, skin-on, potatoes for extra substance- but anything goes, cooked meats are great too!

  • Add your whisked egg to the pan and season with salt and pepper.

  • Sprinkle cheese and grill for a few minutes until golden and the egg has set. Yum!

Remember to recycle: Eggshells, onion skin, pepper core, other inedible vegetable stalks or peelings.

Did you know, food waste is recycled into renewable energy?

Roast chicken fajita

A tortilla with some filling on a plate next to a pan full of filling

Fight food waste with fajita. Put your own twist on this classic dish.

  • Take virtually any veg that needs using up as an alternative (or addition!) to your standard fajita base of onions and peppers.

  • Think mushroom, tomatoes, spinach or leftover roasted veggies to give it a boost.

  • Cook in a pan with a tablespoon of oil, until softened and season with your preferred favourite fajita spices.

  • A pre-pack is fine!

  • Throw in your leftover cooked chicken and heat through until piping hot. Enjoy in a wrap or on a jacket potato.

Remember to recycle: Chicken bones, pepper core, carrot tops, other inedible vegetable stalks or peelings.

Fun fact! Recycling the bones of one chicken could power a fridge for 10 hours.

One pot pasta

Pot of pasta with sauce and wooden spoon

Minimum washing up, maximum flavour!

  • Start this versatile meal by frying your leftover cooked meat and/or veggies in a tablespoon of oil until soft.

  • Grated carrots, sliced leek, diced pepper and mushrooms, or anything else lying around the fridge.

  • Simply add your favourite pasta sauce- Pesto? Tomato? Your choice!

  • Cook until piping hot and stir through any cooked pasta - delicious and quick!

Remember to recycle: Root end of leek, carrot tops, inedible vegetable stalks or peelings, meat bones.

Fun fact! Recycling 6 teabags would boil a kettle for another cuppa.

Epic cheese on toast

Toasted cheese sandwich, cut diagonally with the halves stacked on top of each other

Upgrade this awesome comfort snack into an epic meal.

  • Just about any ‘bits and bobs’ will elevate your classic cheese toastie.

  • Mix it up, by using any bread that you have lying around- a pitta, a wrap or a roll. A slice of cooked meat, or even a spoon of last night’s leftover curry or chilli added to your favourite cheese filling is epic!

  • Toast your filling between buttered bread, in a warm pan or in the air fryer.

  • Dish up with a side of salady bits from your fridge.

Remember to recycle: Tomato stalks, pepper core, root end of leek, other inedible vegetable stalks or peelings.

Fun fact! Recycling a caddy full of food waste could power 8 rounds of toast.

Yoghurt sundae

2 glass ramekins containing yoghurt topped with fruit and 2 spoons

A healthy desert that even the kids will love!

  • Get creative with the last pieces of fruit- layer thinly sliced banana, apple (no need to peel!) with yoghurt.

  • Any other fruits that need using up can be added- the combinations are limitless.

  • Sprinkle with crunchy granola, nuts, raisons or crushed up biscuits and a drizzle of honey.

Remember to recycle: Banana skin, apple cores, inedible fruit peelings.

Fun fact! Recycling 2 banana skins could fully charge 3 smartphones.

If you can't eat it, recycle it, and help create renewable energy.

Whether it’s teabags, bones or even out of date food – no matter how yucky – should go in the caddy to create renewable energy. Check out Matt Pritchard's video to see this amazing process in action!

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