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Community guidelines

Our website and social media accounts are places to discuss and share tips and inspiration to help us all recycle more things, more often, from all around the home.

When taking part in the Recycle for Wales online community, whether that is by posting comments and content on our website or joining the conversation on our social media channels, we ask everyone to follow our community guidelines.

These guidelines cover content shared by users on, and posts on or to the Wales Recycles Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. These guidelines are designed to provide a quality environment for everyone participating in our online community.

Please take a minute to read them and keep them in mind whenever you post or participate.

  • Do: Ensure you follow the Terms of Use of the social media platform;

  • Do: Be respectful of others who are taking part in the discussion;

  • Do: Stay on topic;

  • Do not: Post personal contact information, which may relate to you or other individuals;

  • Do not: Post content where the main purpose is to promote or endorse commercial activity.

We will remove any comments posted on our website or social media channels that do not meet our community guidelines, or which we believe are:

  • Abusive or obscene;

  • Deceptive or misleading;

  • In violation of any intellectual property rights;

  • In violation of any law or regulation;

  • Spam.

We reserve the right to block and/or report users on our social media accounts who post content we believe breaches these guidelines, or the guidelines of the social media platform. We will report and remove any social media profiles set up using Recycle for Wales imagery and logos without permission.

Availability and responding to messages

We will update and monitor our website and social media accounts during office hours, Monday to Friday. Occasionally we may also post scheduled updates at evenings and weekends.

While we value your feedback and contributions, and will try to respond whenever we can, we are not able to reply individually to all of the messages we receive through our social media accounts.

Linking to other websites

On the Wales Recycles website and social media accounts, we may include links to other organisations and individuals. We follow certain guidelines when deciding which links to share.

We only link to organisations and individuals who support our aims to help consumers in the UK to reduce, re-use and recycle.

We will not share links where the main purpose is to promote or endorse commercial activity. Where possible, we provide several examples of organisations that can help, to provide choice.

We reserve the right to decide not to link to other organisations. In most cases, we are unable to enter into discussions about why a link request has been refused.

Please note that WRAP (the organisation which runs the Wales Recycles campaign) is not responsible for the contents or reliability of linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. Listing shall not be taken as endorsement of any kind.