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Real nappies

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The UK disposes of around three billion single-use (or ‘disposable’) nappies each year. Although real nappies have to be bought and laundered, they can save you money.

Benefits of using real nappies

  • Using real nappies instead of single-use nappies could save you between £200 and £500 over two and a half years for your first baby, and even more if re-used for other children in your family;

  • By using real nappies you will be doing your bit for the environment. By the time your baby is potty-trained, you’re likely to have bought and used between 4,000 and 6,000 single-use nappies, whilst you may only need to buy around 20 to 30 real nappies in this same timeframe. This means you’ll not only produce less non-recyclable waste, but you’ll have prevented single-use items needing to be produced in the first place;

  • Modern real nappies are easy to use and come in a variety of shapes and styles with Velcro and popper fittings. No more folding and safety pins!

  • Using real nappies will also give you more space in your bag or bin for non-recyclable waste. No more single-use nappies taking up room;

  • Real nappies can be washed at 60°C in your washing machine at home.

Good to know

Some councils in Wales offer their residents a real nappy scheme where you can get support and advice about how and where to buy these items, including special offers. Search for ‘real nappies’ on your local council website to see if there is a real nappy scheme in your area.

By switching from single-use nappies to real nappies, the average family with babies can halve the amount of waste it produces.

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