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Compostable Plastics

Recycle at home

No, compostable plastics cannot currently be recycled at home.

How to recycle compostable plastics

Compostable plastics cannot be put in with your plastic recycling as they can’t be recycled in the same way. They are designed to break down in very specific composting conditions rather than be recycled.

Home compostable and industrially compostable plastics - what's the difference?

You will find a symbol on the plastic indicating which whether it needs to be home or industrially composted. You can check the packaging as this should be specified – read more about the labels to look out for.

  • Home compostable plastics which are labelled as such can go on your compost heap at home;

  • Industrially compostable plastics (such as some food caddy liners) need to go into a food caddy which goes for composting, or garden waste; but not everybody has this option at home.

Check with your local council to find out what to do with industrially composted plastics where you live.

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