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Gifts and Toy Packaging

Recycle at home

Toy and gift packaging often consists of different materials such as cardboard, paper and plastic. Some of these are recyclable, while others are not. These will need to be separated before recycling.

Recycle out of home

Yes, gift and toy packaging can be recycled at some out of home recycling points.

How to recycle gift and toy packaging

  • Flatten cardboard for ease of transport to recycling facilities or to fit more into your household recycling bag or bin;

  • Plastic blisters marked PET or PETE can be recycled by most local councils but please check with your local council in the first instance;

  • Remove plastic windows from cardboard boxes before recycling - the plastic window should be placed in your bag or bin for non-recyclable waste;

  • Remove the rope or ribbon handles from gift bags - these can be re-used or should be placed in your bag or bin for non-recyclable waste;

  • Wire ties are not generally recyclable but could be re-used around the home, for example for tying up plants in the garden or resealing half-used packets of frozen vegetables.

Good to know

Blister packaging is a type of plastic packaging produced to form a bubble or ‘blister’ that completely covers the product. Some products packaged with blister packs include:

  • Batteries;

  • Toys;

  • Electronic goods and accessories (USB drives, cables and headphones);

  • Toothbrushes and dental floss;

  • DIY products (nuts, bolts, screws and nails);

  • Tablets and capsules;

  • Stationery (Superglue, pens, paper clips, drawing pins etc);

  • Products that can break easily (printer cartridges);

  • Products with delicate parts.

Recycle another item

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