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Lawn Mowers

Recycle at home

Recycle out of home

Yes, lawnmowers can be recycled at some out of home recycling points.

How to recycle lawnmowers

  • Unwanted or broken lawnmowers should be taken to a household waste recycling centre and put in the appropriate container, depending on the type;

  • Petrol lawnmowers can be placed in the scrap metal skip for recycling. Please make sure that the petrol tank is empty;

  • Push lawnmowers are generally made of metal & can be placed in the scrap metal skip;

  • If the grass collection bin is made from plastic, this should be removed. Staff at the recycling centre will be able to advise which container you should put this in;

  • Electric lawnmowers are classed as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and should be recycled at the household waste recycling centre with other electrical items;

  • If the item is still in good working condition, you might like to donate it to charity or community group local to you.

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