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A selection of recyclable bathroom packaging in a basket on a bathroom floor

How to Recycle

How to recycle from the bathroom

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More and more people are recycling items from all around the house. In the bathroom, we use plastic in all shapes and sizes, most of which can be recycled. Are you recycling your shampoo bottles? 90% of us in Wales do but there's always room to recycle more.

Top 10 things everyone can recycle from the bathroom

Here's ten items that can (and should) be recycled from the bathroom once they are empty:

  1. 1

    Shampoo bottles;

  2. 2

    Conditioner bottles;

  3. 3

    Shower gel and bubble bath bottles;

  4. 4

    Toothpaste or soap boxes;

  5. 5

    Toilet roll tubes;

  6. 6

    Bathroom cleaner and bleach bottles, including any spray dispensers;

  7. 7

    Deodorants, body spray and hairspray aerosols;

  8. 8

    Shaving foam;

  9. 9

    Moisturiser bottles;

  10. 10

    Hand soap bottles, including lids and pumps.

Good to know

If everyone in the UK recycled one bathroom cleaning bottle, enough energy could be saved to vacuum around 82,460 homes.

Five hacks to help you keep your bathroom recycling in check

  1. 1

    Hang a bag on the back of the door - if you’re short on floor space, why not hang a stylish bag on a hook or the door handle?

  2. 2

    Hide your empties away in a cupboard or drawer - stow your empties in a cupboard or drawer until you’ve collected enough to take them to your recycling container;

  3. 3

    Grab a second bin - make use of that wasted space under the sink and get a bathroom recycling bin;

  4. 4

    Re-purpose a basket or box into a bathroom recycling bin;

  5. 5

    Want it sorted right now? If you prefer to get rid of your empties ASAP, pop them on the landing or in the dirty laundry basket as soon as you empty them and take them to the recycling container the next time you’re heading downstairs.

Find out which bathroom plastics you can recycle at home.

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