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How to Recycle

How to reduce, re-use and repair

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Reducing what you waste and re-using items as much as possible is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. From thinking differently about what you buy, to refilling water bottles, using ‘bags for life’, or composting at home – there are lots of ways to make a real difference.

Ways to reduce the amount of waste you create

  • Only buy what you need and use what you buy;

  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables and avoid items that are heavily packaged;

  • Sign up to paperless billing or banking;

  • Use real crockery and cutlery for your parties instead of single-use plastic ones.

Ways to re-use items

  • Repurpose glass, plastic, and cardboard containers to give them another life;

  • Make sure you have reusable shopping bags when you go shopping to avoid buying more;

  • Convert old clothing, towels, or sheets into cleaning rags/cloths;

  • Reuse wrapping paper or gift bags;

  • Use refillable water bottles;

  • Donate leftover paint to your local charity or to find your nearest scheme visit Community Repaint;

  • Donate unwanted furniture or household goods to your local charity shops or advertise them online;

  • Buy second-hand items rather than new or buy items that will last longer than disposable ones. Rechargeable batteries are cheaper than disposables, and they can be used again and again.

Find out more about Community Repaint
Find a local recycling facility

Some local councils in Wales have re-use shops at their household waste recycling centres allowing items to be re-used, repaired and sold. This avoids items that still have life left being wasted. Check your local council’s website to find out what reuse facilities it offers.

Check your local council’s website for details.

Check some of the organisations in Wales that will take your items to be re-used:

Re-use organisations

Ways to repair old items

Repair cafes are regularly being held in towns and villages across Wales.

You can take damaged or broken household items that still have life left in them to a repair café. These can include technology devices, electricals, clothing, household appliances and much more!

Volunteers will attempt to repair the items and provide you with advice so you can repair the items yourself in future.

Click here to find out about your nearest repair café.

Good to know

Zero waste shops are opening up all over Wales. You can buy your food at local zero waste shops, where you can take containers and refill them with as much or as little as you like. Some zero waste shops have free donated jars you can use if you don’t have containers at home.

Make sure you store your food correctly and always use leftovers for new recipes. To find out useful tips on the storage of food, tantalising recipes and advice on portioning and meal planning, visit Love Food Hate Waste

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