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Screengrab from homepage showing map of Wales with containers and material stream icons along with introductory text: "Ble mae'ch ailgylchu yn mynd?
Mae fy Ailgylchu Cymru yn eich galluogi i bori awdurdodau lleol Cymru a gweld beth sy'n digwydd i'ch gwastraff ledled y DU, a hyd yn oed o gwmpas y byd. Dysgu mwy"

How to Recycle

Where does my recycling go?

If you've ever wondered where your recycling goes after it's been collected, you can now visit My Recycling Wales, a new Welsh Government funded website from WRAP Cymru.

To find out what happens to your recycling once it’s been collected by your local council, visit My Recycling Wales where you can browse Welsh local councils and see what happens to your recycling across the UK, and even around the world.

My Recycling Wales is funded by Welsh Government and sustainability experts WRAP Cymru to provide you with information on what happens to your recycling. The site shows how much recycling your local council collects each year and its reported fate.

Find out how your recycling is collected, sorted and processed.

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