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Hand holding up three fingers with the slogan "Third in the world at recycling, just saying. Be mighty recycle"

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Let’s get Wales to number one in the world at recycling

Wales is third in the world at recycling, with 94% of Welsh citizens currently recycling their everyday household items, which means we are well on our way to being a mighty recycling nation!

It is great news that households across Wales continue their good work and keep recycling everything that they can. If you are unsure whether an item can be recycled, you can first check the recycling details on pack, then visit your local council website to check whether unfamiliar items can or can’t be recycled. Find your nearest location to recycle your household items by checking our Recycling Locator.

Recycling Hints and Tips

Wales Recycles has some great recycling hints and tips that will help you to become a mighty recycler! By keeping up the good work we can help Wales on its mighty mission to get to number one in the world at recycling.

1. Food waste

You can recycle all cooked and uncooked food in your food waste caddy including fruit and vegetable peelings, eggshells, plate scrapings and out of date food, and you don’t just stop there! You can also recycle your used tea bags and coffee grounds with your food waste. Most of us recycle our food waste in Wales and one caddy full of food waste can produce enough energy to power a TV for two hours of Bond.

2. Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles from drinks bottles to cleaning products and toiletries can all be recycled, and 92% of people in Wales regularly recycle them. Empty, crush and replace the lids to recycle, and remove any pump dispensers and trigger sprays as these can’t be recycled. Recycling just one shampoo bottle saves enough energy to power a stereo for five hours.

3. Cardboard packaging

The majority of us use cardboard, especially with online shopping getting more popular than ever. Currently, 92% of people in Wales recycle their cardboard. Remember to remove any packaging tape and flatten boxes to save space in your recycling container.

4. Food and drinks cans

Whether you’re making your favourite snack like beans on toast or enjoying a refreshing drink, don’t forget to recycle your food and drinks cans as they can be recycled again and again. Recycling one can saves enough energy to power a hoover for an hour.

5. Glass bottles and jars

Glass is easy to recycle and 91% of us in Wales recycle our glass bottles and jars, which means it can be recycled into new products. Give empty glass bottles and jars a rinse and pop the lid or cap back on before putting into your recycling.

6. Paper and card

Greetings cards can be recycled but remove any ribbons, bows, glitter and foil before putting into your recycling. If your paper and card is recycled separately, place cards in your cardboard container and place envelopes in your paper container.

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