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Power up your morning routine with Banana Power!

Bananas definitely make a good case for being a super fruit. They are a brilliant source of energy, help to boost brain power, taste amazing with ice-cream and even come packaged in their own protective superhero suit.

We are now discovering an even more unusual use for our favourite curvy yellow friend. It’s not just people they help energise; when recycled, banana peels (as well as other food waste), can also be turned into energy to power your morning routine, and all sorts of wonderful things. No wonder more and more people in Wales are recycling their food waste to create power.

1. It’s shower time!

Time to wake up with your morning shower powered by last month’s banana peels. 50 recycled banana peels could power your 5 minute freshen up in the morning.

2. Styled by recycled bananas

Recycling 30 banana peels can create enough energy to power a hairdryer for 10 minutes, more than enough time to get you ready for the day.

3. Pop the kettle on with a clean conscience

Need some caffeine to get through the morning? Recycling just 8 banana peels creates enough energy to boil the kettle for your morning brew.

What else can I recycle?

Banana peels are food waste items that can’t be eaten but can be recycled. Other unavoidable food waste items that can be recycled and turned into energy include:

  • Meat or fish bones;

  • Tea bags and coffee grounds;

  • All fruit and vegetable peelings;

  • Eggshells;

  • Plate scrapings and out of date food.

To discover how food waste is turned into electricity, and to find out how you can start recycling your food waste, check our ‘How can recycled food waste create energy’ page.

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