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Yes, Paper can be recycled at some out of home recycling points.

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Which paper items can be recycled?

  • Clean paper that is free from grease, oil, glitter or foil;

  • Computer and shredded paper (in small quantities);

  • Envelopes, including those with a window;

  • Magazines, brochures, leaflets, junk mail, telephone directories and catalogues;

  • Newspapers and supplements.

Which paper items can’t be recycled?

  • Brown paper – this should be recycled with card because it causes brown flecks in new paper;

  • Hygiene/sanitary products, e.g. nappies, wipes or sanitary towels;

  • Non-paper gift wrap or bags, e.g. foil-based gift wrapping;

  • Paper that is stained with foodstuffs, grease, paint or dirt, e.g. kids paintings, greaseproof or baking paper;

  • Used tissues and kitchen towel;

  • Sticky papers e.g. Post-it notes, sticky labels or paper tape;

  • Wet wipes, cotton wool or make-up pads;

  • Wallpaper;

  • Train, tube or event tickets, which have metallic strips on them;

  • Scratch cards;

  • Photographs and negatives.

Good to know

Plastic wrapping from newspapers and magazines – this can be recycled with plastic bags at larger supermarkets.

Find your nearest locations to recycle plastic bags and wrapping.

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