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Plastic bags and wrapping

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Yes, Plastic bags and wrapping can be recycled at some out of home recycling points.

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Which types of plastic bags and wrapping can be recycled?

  • All plastic bags except biodegradable or compostable bags;

  • Bread bags;

  • Breakfast cereal liners;

  • Shrink wrap and ring joiners from multipacks of water, cans, etc;

  • Frozen food bags, e.g. bags for frozen vegetables, chips, etc;

  • Dry cleaning bags or bags covering new clothing;

  • Magazine and newspaper wrappers;

  • Bags for loose fruit and vegetables;

  • Bubble wrap;

  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) – resin ID code 4.

Which types of plastic bags and wrapping cannot be recycled?

  • Dirty bags or film, for example containing food;

  • Non-Polyethylene film (e.g. PP, PVC, others);

  • Cling film or plastic wrapping film;

  • Compostable and biodegradable bags and film;

  • Film lids from trays and pots, e.g. yoghurt pots;

  • Food and drink pouches;

  • Pre-prepared salad bags;

  • Wrappers from bakeries, e.g. bags with lots of small holes in them;

  • Plastic frozen food bags;

  • Plastic carrier bags.

Good to know

Top tips for recycling plastic bags and wrapping

  • All items should be clean and free of food;

  • Tear off sticky labels where possible;

  • Compostable and biodegradable bags are not designed to be recycled and if they enter the recycling system can potentially cause quality issues in the recycled material.

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