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School Uniforms

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Yes, School Uniforms can be recycled at some out of home recycling points.

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How to recycle school uniforms

  • Unbadged items of clothing can be recycled in the usual way - find your nearest locations below. However, those badged with a logo may need to be recycled in a different way.

Good to know

How to dispose of badged school uniforms

Advice for parents

For items ‘badged’ with the school name, check whether the school offers a take-back scheme. Alternatively, encourage them to set up a collection point and let them know they can contact their uniform supplier or LEA for advice.

Advice for schools

If you have large amounts of uniforms that have your logo on and require secure, safe disposal or if you wish to donate your uniforms to a charitable cause, contact your uniform supplier or Local Education Authority (LEA) for advice. They can characterise and measure your uniform waste to evaluate the most appropriate steps to take.

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